About Chloë, our founder

An 8 year-old Chloë, already getting her hands on the hydrangeas

So, how did I end up running a company providing beautiful bespoke planters and window boxes for indoors and outdoors? Well, I’ve always had a passion for plants, and as a child I had a collection of carefully-tended planters. I learnt so much about plants by watching how mine grew and developed, how to take cuttings and when to re-pot.

I initially pursued a career in the fashion industry, first as a buyer for luxury boutiques and then 15 years working as a textile designer for brands such as Hermès and Chanel.

The miniature tools that were a great gift for a plant-obsessed child still come in handy today for working on window boxes.

For most of that time I didn’t have a garden of my own so I did everything I could to work with my limited outside space. One of my favourite gardening challenges is thinking of novel ways to combine interesting plants into container displays. When you’re working with such a restricted yet high profile space, every element has to earn its keep and be a valuable addition to the overall composition. I combined my practical experience with RHS learning, so that I could understand the science behind what I was doing. From a creative perspective, it built on what I was already doing with fabrics, designing with colour and structure in mind.

Having a lovely arrangement of planters by the front door made coming home such a welcoming thing, and I noticed that passers-by would frequently stop to admire my work. I later found out that my house had even become a bit of a landmark!

Eventually, of course, my friends started asking me to make planters for them, and then their friends started contacting me to see if I’d do theirs as a paid project. I couldn’t resist, and The Suffolk Window Box Company came into being, which has since been rebranded as The Plant Pot Shop.

Chloë, today. Our founder and resident expert in the design of the planters and planting.
Chloë, today. Our founder and resident expert in the design of the planters and planting.

Now, despite the fact that I have a good sized garden of my own, I still have a lot of pots and planters as well as more conventional planting. I use my own projects as a testing house so that when I plant for clients, I am sure that combinations will be beautiful, and that the plants will also be successful together.

My career in textile design gave me the experience I needed to work on design briefs with different clients, and I understand that not everyone wants the same thing. I have plenty of knowledge and experience necessary to plant to any style. Some clients prefer a more classical and restrained look whilst others want more abundant colour and shapes. If you’d like to discuss a project then drop us a line.