How to sell your house to buy your next home

There’s no doubt about it, sales of homes in previously prime areas are taking longer, and completing at lower than the asking prices than they were a few years ago.

This article by the FT is a case study of Fulham, but could be replicated across much of the capital.

However asking yourself whether it’s the Brexit effect, or a natural correction of an overheated market plateauing, isn’t really important if you’re the seller. When your house is on the market you’re just asking yourself how you can get on with selling it so you can move on to your next home.

And here’s the important thing. You sell a house. You buy a home.

When you’re looking at buying a property, at a very basic level you’re thinking “Would it be nice to come home to this?” “Would I be proud of this property if it were my home?”

Adding kerb appeal is all about finding a way to get your prospective buyers to answer an emphatic “Yes!” to those questions. If your house has lovely kerb appeal, viewers will envisage it as their next home.

Greenery and flowers go such a long way to making a property look soft and welcoming, that they really can’t be overlooked while you’re preparing your house for sale. A couple of window boxes and a personalised planter on the step will make your house look like it is a homely place to come back to, a home filled with people who enjoy the good things in life. They’ll also make your house stand out as the most attractive one in the street.

A small investment at the start of the sales process could work wonders, and help you get into your next home sooner rather than later.

You can have flowers all year round, and in fact they help your house stand out even more in the winter than in the summer. Our picture here illustrates this beautifully.

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