Hanging out
When we’re not planting or thinking about plants, we’re thinking of new ways of living with plants. These hanging planters are all our own registered designs and are made exclusively for us.

The Suffolk Sphere®

Re-inventing an old classic

We thought it was high time that hanging baskets should be rehabilitated so we came up with a design that is arguably as lovely empty as it is planted.

The Suffolk Sphere® is made of powder coated steel and comes with a matching hanging bracket and a complementary coco liner.

The hanging basket in a black finish with a coco liner and fritillaries and black grass against a red brick wall

Hang from a wall

Close up of lovely chequered fritillaries in a hanging basket.
The hanging basket Suffolk Sphere with geraniums in front of a rustic wooden shed.

Decorate your shed

Hanging basket suspended from a tree, a new way to display your planter.

Dangle from a tree

Modern Gardens magazine quickly noticed the contemporary styling of our hanging sphere and featured it in one of their recent issues!

Have a look at other ways to hang and plant up the Suffolk Sphere, HERE.