Our Values

A message from Chloë, our founder.

Throughout my career, I’ve always worked with products, things you touch and hold and enjoy. From retail to manufacturing, everything I’ve made and sold has been of the highest quality, whilst not necessarily being the most expensive on the market.

The quality aspect is extremely important to me because I care passionately about the environment and resist wherever possible the purchase of belongings that have short life-spans. Our planters are durable products and will enhance their surroundings for many years. You can take them with you when you move house, or leave them behind for future owners to enjoy.

Our planters are made in the UK and all aspects of our manufacturing processes therefore conform to the strictest environmental standards. All left-over metal cut-offs are recycled and the painting process leaves behind no waste at all, as all powder not used in one paint job is saved for the next.

Wherever possible, our plants are sourced from expert UK growers, mostly here in the East of England, in order to keep the environmental footprint of our finished products as small as we can. Where our plants are grown abroad, the supply is still fairly close, with a few things being bought in from the Netherlands, where there is also a strong centre of horticultural expertise.

A further benefit to our clients of this plant sourcing strategy is an improved longevity of the plants themselves. Having been sourced and then planted and sited in a particular region, there is less shock to the plants’ systems which means that they last longer in their displays.

We love selling plants and planters, but we also care a great deal about the longevity of what we’re selling.

When you buy from us, we trust that you’ll appreciate all of these qualities, and that you’ll get as much pleasure from owning our products as we get in producing them.