Fine quality planters
All our outdoor planters are made in the UK, and they are powder coated for an even, durable finish. They can be ordered to your exact size specifications and in any RAL colour of your choosing.
Available ready planted or empty
There are so many demands on our time these days, and fewer and fewer people have time to do leisurely things like plant their own planters, yet having plants around your home is as desirable as ever. This is where our planting service can really be of help to you; just let us know your preferences and we will take care of the rest, sourcing where possible from the specialist nurseries in East Anglia.

Our orders for fully planted planters are delivered and installed with care by our own team. Ask us for a quote for our fully planted service, or keep reading to see some planting ideas first.

Over the years we have developed the skills and knowledge to plant in any style required.
Perhaps you prefer the simple sculpted minimalist look of boxwood Buxus Sempervirens clipped into a ball or topiary shape, or you’d like the sculpture shapes with some seasonal flowers added around for a slightly softer look.

A window box in soft black planted with herbs violas and lavender. The flowers will fill out in a couple of weeks for an abundant look.
A set of three window boxes for a London townhouse, ready planted with purple and green flowers.
Bright red berry plants in a winter window box, the perfect planting combination to lift the winter blues.
Oregano, Thyme and Rosemary are all hardy herbs which decorate this beautiful white planter, which would make a perfect gift for Mother's Day.

Artificial plants are a fantastic solution for busy clients, or for properties which are not always occupied. We can source a wide range of UV-stable, high quality artificial plants which have the same look and feel as real ones.

Alternatively you could request a prairie style with herbaceous plants and grasses, and enjoy your own miniature meadow.

On occasion we’ve created the quintessential cottage garden, condensed into a planter, for a charming “border in a box”.

The herb garden is a very popular option, and we use our specialist knowledge of plants to ensure that we combine the plants that will grow together in harmony, as well as providing a handy crop of flavoursome herbs for your kitchen.


Instead of a typical 'one colour fits all' black planter, we give you the opportunity  to have your planter powder coated in any colour from the RAL colour chart to match your property detail or your own personal style.

The powder coating finish will last for many years, resisting all harsh weather, from hot sunshine to cold rain and snow.

Typically, planters are sold elsewhere in fixed lengths and depths, but these may well not fit your property. Instead, we can make any planter any size to exactly fit the dimensions of the space in which you'll be placing it.

Simply get in touch and supply us with the exact dimensions you need your planters making, and we'll get your order started.

Not all homes have deep flat windowsills. Some have windowsills too narrow for a planter, or windowsills that slope, or perhaps no windowsill at all. For all of these challenges we have the skills and experience to make perfect bespoke brackets for your property so that you can still have a window box.

We can also make over-railing brackets and over-fence brackets. Our brackets are made in steel and powdered to match your planters so that they are perfectly unobtrusive when sited.

Of course some of our clients love to do their own planting and come to us simply for the bespoke planters themselves, for the finishing touch for their outside spaces. If you’d like to have planters made in the exact size that you need, in the colour of your choice and would like them to be shipped empty, the please let us know your requirements and we’ll gladly send you a quote.