Your own design.
We’d been looking for a way to make personalised planters for a while and, having tried many different options, we finally hit on the perfect way to make them. The planters are made in the UK and we use steel for additional stability on a doorstep. They are powder coated for an even, durable finish.

Our favourite planter size for this kind of project is a 40cm cube, but we can make them in any colour or size and, of course, use the design of your choice. If you don’t have any artwork to hand we can draw it for you, and we’ll always send final artwork for approval before we make your planter. Just drop us a line with a few details and we can happily make some suggestions.

For occasions such as weddings and parties

Our bespoke made personalised planter planted with a bay tree and seasonal flowers on a front door step.

To enhance the entrance to your home

A pair of custom made personalised black plant containers either side of a shop door, featuring the business logo in white. These planters help the business stand out and add a very smart touch to the look of the store.

To promote your business

A personalised planter becomes an elegant finishing touch on a front doorstep, or serves as a stylish way to show your company logo. We work with private individuals and welcome trade enquiries as well.

They make a wonderful housewarming gift, or they can be personalised to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or birth - and many other celebrations, besides!